All City Restoration - Professional Restoration Services

All City Restoration - Professional Restoration Services

All City Restoration

All City Restoration (ACR) is a leading provider of restoration services and loss management for residential and commercial properties in the New York Metropolitan area.

ACR provides a wide array of restoration services - including fire, smoke, water and mold - designed to minimize the financial, physical, and emotional burden associated with a loss.

We respond to every client with the agility and expertise necessary to minimize damage, business disruption, and additional expense.

Our industry standard estimating and project management systems, backed by years of collaborative industry experience, ensure a successful restoration .

So, what's mold?

Simply put, molds are very small organisms that are present almost everywhere in nature including inside your home. Molds belong to a family called fungi. Other members of the family include mushrooms and yeast. Fungi are important to our environment because they break down dead material and recycle nutrients.

Just like people, molds need food (any organic material) and water (moisture) to survive. Molds digest food by excreting chemicals called enzymes. Molds find food sources in many of the materials that make up your home - wood, wallpaper, drywall and even household dust, just to name a few. Mold growth on these surfaces usually leaves a telltale sign of discoloration along with a musty odor. Once mold starts to grow, it typically reproduces by distributing spores. A small amount of mold can produce millions of spores.


All City on the job in Uniondale School fire.
Watch this clip from News12 Long Island. Uniondale School fire


Think you know mold?
Take a short quiz from the EPA on your current mold knowledge. MOLD QUIZ
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Restoration Fact #3

Did you know that the most municipalities require immediate "board-up" following a fire?